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Like this: Like Loading Published by Rochelle Adventuresfromelle. Yes, I udnerstand. My mother said exactly that. You two would get along. What an awesome adventure! Thanks for sharing, I really enjoyed reading this Like Like. Thanks very much! Really appreciate that. I love your blog theme by the way. Great post Like Like. Thank you!

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Saturday June 15, Tuesday August 27, Boston Beach, Portland. Thursday May 23, Friday October 4, Thursday December 28, Tuesday August 27, Fleet Street, Kingston. Thursday June 15, Saturday May 18, I was also having problems with living on campus when my Blue and Gold macaw, who I left at homewith my mom, started plucking her feathers.

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I was very distressed and nearly quit school. As fate would have it I ran into Kim Leslie-Noble, Director of Northcoast Bird Adoption and Rehabilitation Center, who needed a helper to care for and rehab her personal and rescue birds. It was more perfect than I could imagine. I got paid to play with parrots all day!

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It was 10 minutes from my school and Tiki got to live in the bird room. I only worked part time, but since Tiki was there I spent hours at the rescue 7 days a week. At Northcoast Bird Adoption I was exposed to an enormous variety of behavior issues exhibited by a diverse range of species: from biting conures to screaming macaws to mutilating cockatoos. It was here I fell in love with my Umbrella cockatoo, Pele, whom I adopted in In I got the unbelievable opportunity to complete my Psychology degree senior thesis at Amigos de las Aves in Costa Rica for 4 weeks.

It was my first exposure to wild parrots - in the wild - I was hooked. It was love at first flap!! I worked both at the facility in Alajuela caring for the breeder birds, feeding babies, and recording data, and also at the release site in Tiskita.

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The jungle felt like home and seeing the birds fly free felt like heaven. I got an eye opening up close and personal look at two things that were severely lacking from all education in American aviculture - how much energy and space birds need and how incredibly social they are. These birds are critically endangered and there is a foundation that continues to support these gorgeous macaws reintroduction program.

The idea of keeping a bird alone in a little cage in the house suddenly felt horribly inadequate. Knowing that my cockatoo was wild caught made things worse, as he lived this life I was seeing and was currently living in a 3x3 cage in my spare bedroom. I took a very, very, serious look at how I was keeping my birds.

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  8. Things changed right then and there. On a college students budget it was an ambitious goal, but it was worth every penny.

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    My second priority was to create a 'flock' for my birds. I began looking for more wild caught, mate killer, male cockatoos for Pele and a sweet, female, older macaw for Tiki. For my cockatiels I purchased a macaw this makes me laugh! With all the toys and room the little flock was constantly interacting, playing, flying, and in motion. This was a glaring contrast to their prior cage which was 24x The same transformation occurred with my umbrella cockatoo when he moved into his outdoor aviary.

    What I had experienced in the jungle was ringing true in my pets. Seeing the difference in my own birds really hit home for me. There was no turning back.

    They could never live in small cages again and the 3x3 went in the trash that afternoon without a second thought. I n I added my Goffins cockatoo, Halo, to our flock and built the second octagon aviary and then connected them with a 6' wide hallway so they could fly between them. The cockatoos flourished in this new environment! The more we put in the aviary the more the birds were quiet, calm, and content.

    The nervous behaviors, repetitive behaviors, and screaming hyper moments disappeared. I n I was able to visit Australia for a couple of years. That was an incredible journey in my life. Seeing dozens of different parrot species up close and personal in the wild taught me so much about parrot body language, habits, and 'normal' daily activities and behavior.

    It allowed me to look at my pets behaviors in a new light and gain perspective about their daily routines, energy output, and activities. Parrots are truly amazing creatures. The one thing that stood out more than anything was how incredibly social they were. The flocks constantly interacted, played, vocalized, and bickered with one another. The sheer numbers of some of the flocks was daunting - seeing at least parrots together on more than a dozen occasions.

    The species also freely mingled with one another.